The Practicing Mind book cover

Experiencing success in life requires the development of many skills

We all know that activities such as painting, learning music and dance or gaining proficiency in any sport is a skill. But moving through a challenging time such as losing a job, dealing with a difficult colleague at work or losing weight are also skills. All of these endeavors require you to choose an overall goal and to learn to use that goal as a rudder to steer your efforts, not as a reminder of what you have yet to accomplish. The Secret is in learning that the process of achieving your goals is not something you must endure but instead is where the REAL joy waits to be discovered.

The Practicing Mind will teach you to unlearn the mindset that tells you that you are incomplete and that happiness is some place outside of yourself, some place other than in the process of what you  are doing right here and right now. It will give you the tools you need to accomplish any task you choose and to conquer the challenges you face in life while at the same time feeling patient with yourself, your life and incredibly self empowered.